Core Values


In our daily routine and work, Neo Universe follows several golden rules and values. These values identify how successful we are in our sphere.


In order to achieve first-class results in our activities, it is necessary to create conditions and an atmosphere that will support the full dedication of employees to the job and will awaken their creativity.

Therefore, we do our best to encourage our employees to generate new ideas and help them with realization of the best ones. Together, we are looking for new ways to solve the hardest healthcare problems.


Trustful and sincere relationships can help to accomplish many tasks in any business.  We at the Neo Universe understand this, and strive to build relationships with partners based on trust.


A sense of responsibility towards our clients forces us to move forward and manage with any difficulties in order to improve the quality of life of the mankind. That’s why, we are entering to the market with exceptionally high quality and affordable medicines.