Neo Universe


Neo Universe is an international pharmaceutical company founded in 2001. The basis of our activity is the introduction of innovations that will benefit all people.

We develop and manufacture innovative, effective medicines, along with high-quality generics. Millions of people around the world use our drugs to feel better and live longer.

More than 100 drugs in cardiology, internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, dermatology, endocrinology, neurology, microbiology, urology, pulmonology, hematology, immunology, allergy, algology and traumatology, produced in factories with high-reliability reputation and high-tech facilities that operating in accordance with GMP standards.

As a result of vigorous activity Neo Universe, doctors and medical representatives have access to a wide range of medicines and the ability to recommend them for specific cases. They receive from our employees a reliable and comprehensive information on new developments in the modern medicine.

We are sure that medicine and medication should be available for everyone who needs it – regardless of income, state of the national economy and the healthcare system. Therefore, we strive to ensure that everyone have an access to vital drugs as fast as possible.